Increasing fruit market profitability by providing accurate early season fruit yield estimation.


Disrupting the Fruit Market

The Problem - All critical business decisions along the fruit market value chain – from growers to retailers – are based on yield estimations. The current methodology to estimate yield is to count the fruit on a few, randomly selected trees in the orchard and then to extrapolate it to the overall orchard.  But this system results in 30% to 40% inaccurate estimations. Wrong yield estimation = less or no profitability.

The Solution - FruitSpec increases fruit market profitability by using technology to provide accurate early season yield estimation.



The main technological challenge to provide early season fruit yield estimation is the inability to separate accurately green fruits from the green leaves in an image. 
FruitSpec patented hyperspectral, and computer vision algorithms enable it to count the number of fruit and to estimate fruit sizes for providing accurate early season fruit yield estimation.



FruitSpec provides yield estimation as a service. We come, we scan the orchard, and provide the reports. 
FruitSpec provides two types of report: 
The first report gives the number of fruits and the size distribution in a specific orchard. 
The second report uses a heat-map to show the distribution of fruit quantities in that orchard.




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