Bringing accuracy
to fruit yield estimation 

Make better business decisions to manage your yield



Knowledge. Accuracy. Clarity.
Make better decisions using accurate data. Logistics, Marketing and Agronomy decisions can now be based on accurate yield estimates from the beginning of the season.



We see the green fruits

FruitSpec solutions provide customers with the ability to manage their yield. Using accurate yield estimation,
FruitSpec can provide customers - at the beginning of the season- with the amount of carton per size they will be able to pick. Customers can use this data for picking and packing management and direct sales efforts to the inventory yield.



Counting of green fruits

FruitSpec has developed an innovative technology based on hyper-spectral imaging and deep learning algorithms. 
Our unique approach allows us to analyze fruit tree images and distinguish between the green leaves from the green fruits and then generate useful information and tools at the beginning of the season that can help the customer to win the market. 





Yield estimation as service
FruitSpec’s team arrives on the plot and scans the orchard using a vehicle mounted with hyperspectral cameras. 
After analyzing the images on the cloud, FruitSpec provides the customer a yield estimation report with decisive figures such as fruit count, size and weight distribution, and useful heatmaps. 


Adjust your fruit size
FruitSpec Caliper enables growers to measure and optimize fruit size accurately. Unlimited scans with a plug & play innovative sensor provide continuous growth analysis throughout the season.




  • Know your variety weight and size distribution months before harvesting 

  • Improve packing house operations


Apples & pears

  • Review your thinning and apply necessary revisions

  • know your yield variety weight and size distribution months before picking 

  • Optimize packing house logistics    


  • Optimize your thinning and pruning for wine and table grapes 

  • Learn the number of clusters in your vineyard, on single vine level or the average amount of berries on a cluster


Peaches & Nectarines

  • Review your thinning and apply necessary revisions

  • Know your yield variety weight and size distribution months before picking 


About Us

FruitSpec Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Three co-founders , citrus growers and hyperspectral