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Our Story

FruitSpec, a farmers-for-farmers company, was established by citrus growers with a clear mission to help the global fruit industry increase revenues by providing useful and innovative solutions for each link in the fruit production supply chain.

Since kick-off in 2016, we've scanned and analyzed millions of fruits worldwide and built a team of seasoned agronomists, experienced field operations leaders, AI experts, and agribusiness professionals, all passionate about creating the best products and making the biggest impact.


Our teams and partners are in the USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Spain, Morroco, and Australia. We are costumer oriented and are always willing to design the right solution for your fruit business.    

Costumers We Serve

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What Makes Us Unique



Our approach recognizes that each entity in fruit production process: farming, picking, packing, and marketing, is critical to the overall success of the season and directly impacts profitability.  We work to identify and address challenges at every stage in order to optimize the yield and marketing of high-value fruit.


Delivery Model

We provide fully autonomous data acquisition hardware, that fits on every farming vehicle and reflect real time yield inventory on an online yield inventory management platform.

Our solution enables our customers to easily scan and analyze thousands of hectares of farmland each season without incurring any additional overhead or significant investments.

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