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Optimize Yield to Market Demand and Reduce Food Loss  

A citrus producer and packer working with the size tracker improved profitability by 8% and reduced loss by 83%.

Before FruitSpec, the costumer faced challenges with monitoring and managing the size of their fruit during the growing season.

This made it difficult for them to meet the size requirements of their buyers, leading to a loss of 14% in potential revenue due to the sale of low-priced calibers. At the same time, 20% of the yield was lost due to undersized fruit that did not meet commercial size standards.

The Size tracker allowed him to make data-driven decisions and optimize yield to market demand.


Struggling to optimize the yield to commercial.

~20% food loss, missing 14% potenial revenue



Increase revenue by 8%, +$2,800 per Ha.

Reduce food loss by 83%


Win the season with yield inventory visibility 

The fruit production supply chain is challenged by disconnected data flow that is blocking visibility on fruit inventory, and generating misinformed decision-making that negatively impacts profits, budgeting, and efficiency.


One of our customers, a vertically integrated fruit company, initially estimated its fruit inventory to consist of a low number of small-sized fruits and had planned to sell the produce to the domestic market. 

After using FruitSpec's yield inventory service, the customer discovered that their inventory contained a larger number of larger-sized fruits. This new information motivated them to allocate an alternative market, ultimately leading to a successful season.



The inventory accuracy from the beginning of the season allows customers:

  • To budget the season correctly  (pickers, transportation, cartons).

  • Create operation efficiency.

  • Increase profit.



  • FruitSpec predicted large fruits.

  • Based on this prediction, exporter changes their marketing plans from South Africa to China.

  • The China plan has much higher prices.

  • Alternatively, the South African plan would have resulted in a loss.


A business model
that supports scale

FruitSpec's services are designed to make the customer's life easy and efficient, season after season. We charge an attractive single yearly fee per Hectare or Acre and allow limitless scans 365 days a year. FruitSpec's cutting-edge data acquisition hardware is fully autonomous and fit for every type of farming vehicle.   

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